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Greg Anderson, Dr Greg Anderson at Anderson PR Communications Consultants, LLC | WiseIntro Portfolio







Greg Anderson, Dr Greg Anderson at Anderson PR Communications Consultants, LLC | WiseIntro Portfolio

Greg Anderson

Dr Greg Anderson

Anderson PR Communications Consultants, LLC

✚ Advisor to the Reagan, Clinton, and Obama Presidential Administrations on Macro Economics, DOD Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Trade Relations

✚ Co-Founder of EV-Tech Tools, LLC, a China/Canada JV Power Tools company. Developed and wrote business start-up plan. Secured initial round of funding and located the International HQs in Toronto, CANADA. Provided design, R&D, and manufacturing advice for Chinese exclusive supplier consortium. Developed Investment Pitch and published Company Launch Presentation for Investors and Big Box customers, such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Canada Home, Eagle Hardware/Rona, and others.

✚ Developed and penetrated new international markets, including: Japan, Taiwan, S. Korea, and Thailand for major Fortune 500 consumer and industrial product companies. Major clients: American Saw & Mfg., Co., LENOX Tools, Black & Decker, Cooper Tools, ESTWING Mfg. Co., CIGNA Insurance Company, Porter-Cable Tools, Vermont American, et al. Established 1st Sales offices inJAPAN for Black & Decker, ESTWING, Cooper Tools, Marshalltown Trowel, etc.

✚ Foreign Advisor to Thaksin Campaign for Prime Minister 2004-2005. Advised Thaksin Campaign on U.S. campaign techniques and political positioning. Dr. Thaksin won PM Elections, Feb 2005. Worked directly under ex-PM Thaksin’s cabinet staff.

✚ Lobbyist & Advisor within the Thaksin Administration & Thai Parliament (2004-2007), working with Senators to ensure U.S. government funding on Thailand-U.S. aid projects.

✚ Consultant to the U.S. Navy/DOD, Secretary of the Navy, and U.S. President Reagan from 1985-1987.

✚ Founder of Goldie Pet Palace. Hired and trained 6 staff, including pet groomers and pet product specialists. Have doubled grooming revenue and tripled pet product revenue in 5 short months despite a declining Thai economy.

✚ Worked with Thai Immigration and Labor Dept. officials. Worked closely with Ministry of Commerce to set-up own companies in Thailand. Lead advising counsel on difficult child-custody/kidnapping cases for DSI (Thai FBI).

✚ Consulted for President Bill Clinton 42 and advised on U.S.-Japan trade relations. Developed and led industry trade groups for industry executives and U.S. government officials in Japan throughout the Clinton Administration.

✚ Developed, wrote, and presented numerous Proposals in response to U.S. Navy RFPs & RFQs for the development of a next generation ASW Helicopter for the SH-2 and SH-60. Developed with US Navy Secretary Lehman standards within the DOD and MIL specifications for the development of relevant RFPs/RFQs.

Manufacture, import and distribution of DIY & Professional Power Tools and Hand Tools with focus on cordless technology adoption in Thailand and Asia. Maintains a demo and display storefront in Bangkok and a distribution warehouse in Japan. Additionally, Lawn and Garden DIY/Pro products are included in our product line and distribution chain. Over 25+ years of Power & Hand Tool, and Lawn and Garden product experience.

I am a seasoned expert in Power and Hand Tools, Construction, and Law. I have 25+ years of international experience behind me starting with my first company in Japan in 1990. I have a proven success record, including establishing the 1st Japan-based Sales Offices of most major power & hand tool companies.

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